“Her engaging bohemian style emerges in fairytale songs which suggest the rhythmic romp of the carousel, the sights the sounds the smells of the carnival… Populated by wayward characters and Eastern European and gypsy klezmer vibes” Western Morning News 

"Dancing on the highwire, without a safety net" Songlines 

"Lovely!" Bob Harris, BBC 

"Delightfully original" Electric Ghost 

"A twilight world, caught between candyfloss sweetness and an altogether sharper undertone ***"
 R2 Magazine 

“From her bright red keyboard she deftly sculpts compelling narratives into disarmingly catchy songs that only she could have conjured” 
The Canteen, Bristol

The Midnight Fairground collective originally formed at Dartington College of Arts for Dartington Festival 2009 out of the ashes of California-based band "The Good Unit". Based in Totnes, Devon, The Midnight Fairground has taken a multitude of guises, from its original ten-piece acoustic band to four piece, trio, duo and more recent solo performances. Performers/ instrumentalists have included:

Jess Herrman - flute

Sam Craigan - trumpet

Matt Webb - double bass

Rich Taylor - acoustic bass

Tim Heming - clarinet

Neil Edwards - clarinet

Jon Croft - organ

Conrad Singh - guitar

Sam Felton - kit

Bobby Twoshoe - kit

JD Dalton - kit and percussion

John Elliott - percussion

Jered Sorkin - cello

Jaspreet Kaur - backing vox

Francesca Dunford - backing vox

Anicet Leone - acrobat/chinese pole/clown

Santiago Ruiz Albalate - acrobat/chinese pole/clown

Violaine Garros - vertical dance

Ana Perez de Manuel - corde de lisse

Leonore Foure - trapeeze

plus many dancers...


Mae Karthauser is a British songwriter with a rich, acrobatic voice and a distinctive circusesque piano style. Raised in a musical family and one of seven children, she began learning piano, violin and singing as a child, before going on to study at Dartington College of Arts and California Institute of the Arts in LA. 

Under the self pinned folk-pop-circus genre, her songs are populated by wayward characters both human and animal and leap playfully between story and fantasy and hard social questions, asking for what is faithful in a world of mirrors. Inspired by the likes of Lhasa de Sela, The Do, Zulya, Kate Bush, Regina Spektor, Whiskey Moon Face, Joni Mitchell and Joanna Newsom.

She has performed in France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and California and experiments often with contemporary circus - she has played whilst harnessed off the edge of BBC Television studios, dangling from the side of an old English fire engine and whilst flying over the French alps in a paraglider. Mae has worked with circus companies such as Svalbard Company Sweden and The Flying Frenchies (her music appears on the film "Petit Bus Rouge"). She has recorded three albums and performs alone and, on special occasions, with "The Midnight Fairground" band.