Mae Karthauser

"ATLAS" (2014)

1. Bill
2. Little Weasel
3. Nancy
4. Your Name
5. One Animal
6. The Persian Boy
7. The Last Turn
8. My Old Compass
9. Hoops of Fire
10. Georgia and The Tiger
11. Reprise


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Mae and The Midnight Fairground...


1. Lucian
2. Tabby
3. My Little Pony
4. Please Dear!
5. Creeping Death
6. The Sea Song
7. The Buckle Song
8. The Chinese Restaurant
9. Flora the Ballerina
10. Crooked Little Leg
11. ***bonus

Behold! Vivid and wordy stories burst forth from the lips of a sprightly painted face, mingled with bouncing organ keys, gentle slinky screams of clarinet, sensuous swoops of cello, the warm oompah of bass and the marching rolls of half a dozen drumsticks

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Mae Karthauser and...

"THE GOOD UNIT" (2009)

1. Please Dear!
2. The News Flew In
3. April
4. The Thousand Year Old Men
5. Digging Up the Roses
6. From Our Home
7. The Child is Fatherless
8. Inside an Acorn
9. What an Arrow You Shoot!

Old songs inspired by the night and by the lights and by the waves and by the sea and by the animals and the frogs… and the humans, too. When the carnival of day collides with the masquerade of night's waltz, sing sing sing...
Including the musky and mischievous trumpet playing of Brandon Sherman, the harmonius embellishments of Scott Knudstrup on guitar, warm fat bass lines courtesy of Graham Chapman, clicks and crashs and slaps of Andrew Lessman on drums and the beautiful harmonium and hammond organ playing and overall production of Clinton Patterson. 

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Black Horses