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Black Horses

                                   "BLACK HORSES" 
2011: Our new album Black Horses is now available to buy! Its been over a year since conception (a long pregnancy!) but we are proud to announce that although the birth was a long feat (with some colourful terrain), the baby sure is pretty... (lucky really, so many babies aren't). You can order a real life CD (wow! retro huh), or download (it is also on itunes, amazon, etc soon) following the links above...
Thank you thank you... phwoar! What a sight!

1. Lucian

2. Tabby

3. My Little Pony

4. Please Dear!

5. Creeping Death

6. The Sea Song

7. The Buckle Song

8. The Chinese Restaurant

9. Flora the Ballerina

10. Crooked Little Leg

11. ***bonus